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# rm -r /universe

(commented out for safety)

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Want to try Linux? Some tips for choosing a distribution

If you are looking for a different approach to using your computer, are interested on a less constrained and more efficient user experience, or like the idea of experimenting with and tweaking almost every way your computer operates, you ought to give the operating system Linux a try. In this post, I will discuss some […]

ThinkPad X2100 Review

Classic ThinkPads comprise a uniquely prestigious and beloved class among laptops. Their mixture of excellent build quality, robust hardware, and utilitarian, eminently practical design language, position them as some of the best business-class machines that have ever been on the market. Furthermore, the admirable philosophy of user upgradability, longevity by design, and broad firmware and […]

A ramble about black holes

Few objects capture my attention and imagination as powerfully as black holes. I have an absolute fascination for them, borne in no small part from morbid curiosity about their extremeness. So I created this post to talk about why I think they are so interesting. Bear in mind I have no formal training in astrophysics, […]